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Deb® AeroBlue™ Foam Hand & Body Shampoo - 1 L

Deb® AeroBlue™ Foam Hand & Body Shampoo - 1 L

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Betco® Hi-Tech® Floor Finish - 5 Gal. Pail

A floor finish breakthrough designed specifically to achieve outstanding performance when used in a high speed maintenance program. Self leveling and sealing. For all types of resilient flooring.

Alternate #61005

Betco® Untouchable® w/SRT™ Technology - 5 Gal. Pail

A low odor, black heel mark resistant floor finish that is an exceptional choice for those who want the highest gloss and wear with the least amount of labor.

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Ecolab® QC™ 31 Neutral Floor Cleaner - 1.3 L

Neutral pH floor cleaner is safe, effective choice for use on all types of resilient or hard floors. Does not leave a film or haze. No rinsing required.

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AmerCare® Black Widow Nitrile Examination Glove - Large

Powder-free. Textured.

Alternate #1400L

AmerCare® Black Widow Nitrile Examination Glove - Medium

Powder-free. Textured.

Alternate #1400M

Betco® Speedex Industrial Cleaner Degreaser - Qt.

This fast acting cleaner/degreaser instantly removes crayon, lipstick, graffiti, oil and heel marks from a variety of surfaces. Deodorizes as it cleans with a mint fragrance.

Alternate #17312

AmerCare® Pacific Powder Free Blue Nitrile Glove - Large

100% Latex free. Blue color. Powder Free. Textured finger tips. Non-exam.

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AmerCare® Sensi-Flex Synthetic PVC Exam - Large

100% Latex Free. Powder Free. Eliminates allergies associated with latex proteins and powder. High elasticity and tensile strength. Advanced polyvinyl chloride formulation. 6.5 mils.

Alternate #A500L

Betco® Deep Blue Glass & Surface Cleaner - Qt.

Cleans and brightens most hard surfaces. Dissolves smoke, grease and smudge marks. Fortified with ammonia for powerful cleaning.

Alternate #10812